Friday, September 22, 2006

WoW... its been a minute huh

Whats up peoples. i'm soo sorry that i'm not more active on this thing but my life is soooo boring that nothing really happens. I got up early checking emails and went to my favorite Divas page and figured that its time that I send an update.

As those that have known I left Computershare the place I call Hell and took the Job at Nextel. I had 3 different interviews for Cingular Wireless for the Asst Mgr Postion but all 3 gave the postion to internal candidates.... I understand but if the only reason for them getting them is because they were internal candidates why interview outside candidates and give people hopes of getting the job. One of the managers actually said that I had the job on lock but he got pressured to hire from within the company. Whatever. it made me mad but i'm good.

So i'm working with Nextel since August. the gig is good but its a little bit of a commute. The guys working there a nice and its stress free for the most part with hetic times during lunch 11 - 3 and then dies down again. so we toss the football around in the back and watch alot of movies waiting for customers coming in to fix phones.

my job for the time being is MSR. Manager of Service and Repair. Basically when a customer brings in a phone for repair. I diagnose the problem. log it in the computer system and bring it to a repair tech to fix the phone and if its not fixable and theres no physical damaged to the main circuit board or liquid damage the phone will be replaced with a refurbished phone from Motorola/Nextel. its a job a highschool kid can do. but hey they paying me for it so what the hell.

I spoke with the manager and she let me know that shes thinking of me (I get a worried look) and she goes on to tell me that she knows I have a long commute and that shes happy with me and my work ethic and yet surpised that I haven't gone elsewhere. I told her that i've been trying to get into the company for a long time and if this is part of getting to where I want to be then so be it. she then responds that shes glad and that shes working out a transfer for me to a closer location to my house. the closest location will be 10 minutes from my house and no highway driving. that will be mint so keeping fingers crossed on that one.

well I'm looking at my clock and its time to go see my coffee lady and get on the road to work.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 1 post hell

Well today was supposed to be day one at Nextel. but I got a phone call late Friday afternoon that I didn't check until early Saturday morning that there was a glitch in the processing for me to start today and they supposedly sent via priority mail the paperwork for me to get my drug test. That was never received so they resent it and I got it today. so will drink up my water so i'm not standing at the toliet talkin myself into giving my sample..... HEY ILL... Got any Apple Juice.... HAHAHAHA

So I got up this morning and went to the gym and got my workout on and just chilled for the rest of the day. didn't do a damn thang and will do the same tomorrow.

Cingular rep called and said that it was not going to happen for me to get my 2nd interview with them tomorrow (Tuesday) and he is doing his best to get me in as soon as possible. So it looks like I will be going into Nextel on Wednesday regardless of whats going on with Cingular.

I did get a couple of emails from the old job of how my 1st day was and that there were some people upset that they were on vacation for my last week there, as I only gave 1 weeks notice, and wanted to wish me good luck and sorry that they were not here to give their blessings and such. *enter eyeroll here* Those that I cared to know that I was leaving I have contact with them outside of the office so if they weren't and didn't know bout it. there was a reason for it..... bye bye and good riddance.

Well thats bout it. nothing more than that to report.

Ciao ya'll

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ok so yesterday was my last day in hell. it was raining all day but when the time came for me to walk out the door. the rain had stopped and the clouds opened up for the sun to beam down and it got hot. could this be a sign..... I think so. its only gonna get better. case in point

A few people from my department and some others took me to the bar up the street from the office for some drinks and to say goodbye. This pic is of me and my sister

Wednesday night I get a phone call from the Cingular recruiter saying that they want to have an interview with me for an assistant sales manager position. I'm weary of it because the interview is slated for 8:30 am thursday morning. If I go I would have to make an excuse for not going into work for my 7:30 start. I tell him that I have to think bout it because of the time and what I would be able to do to go. I sit and think for about 5 mins and say to myself ...F IT... if I don't go I won't know what could possibly be. So I call him back and say to him set it up, to which he replies consider it done, and gave me the info of where i'm going and who i'm seeing.

So the morning comes I pull out my suit here's a couple pics of what I wore

So I leave the house at 6:50 to get my coffee from my coffee lady and also thinking that traffic was going to be bad. It was the total opposite and I get to the location at 7:30. so I have an hour to sit and stew and make myself a nervous wreck. Obviously I was there before my interviewer. 7:59 he pulls up on a motorcycle a Nice cruiser yellow in color. I didn't think to take a picture of it to put it up for you missy. maybe if I get the job i'll take a pic of it and put it up for you to see.

at 8:20 he calls to me and has me come in the store that doesnt open until 10 so I plan to get my time in and impress the hell out of this dude. Which I did and did not leave there until 9:50.

I took my suit jacket off before I got in my truck and when I got on the highway back down to my office I did the unthinkable. changed my entire outfit from my suit into my business causal clothes, shoes and all. It was funny and scary for me and I know the people behind were pissed or scared because of the swerving that I was doing. thank goodness for cruise control. the speed didnt change at all.

So the interview went good on my part from what I thought and was in for a nice surprise to come. The recruiter called and said that the feedback from the interview was great. and he asked if I knew a Sheila Conally (sp) I said the name sounds familiar. He then lets me know she is the Regional Sales Manager and that she remembers me and my name from the defunct Cellular One (cinglar now) when I worked there in 1994 and that I was a "GOOD KID" and that I left on good terms and a hard worker from what she remembered.

Now mind you she is on vacation and speaking with the recruiter. So looks like i'm going on to the next step interviewin with Cingular. my dream is getting better and better as the days go on

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Takin a leap of faith..... I did it ya'll

Ok ya'll I did it. I was offered the position with Nextel and I accepted the offer.

I got the Job offer Friday afternoon on my way home. I called the Nextel recruiter at my Lunch and tried to haggle with him on the pay seeing how he said they are/were desperate to get me into the company but wouldn't budge on the pay scale and he reminded me that they are going by just a phone interview and my resume. and that this is just the first step of me getting into the company. Now that i'm in I can post internally instead of externally trying to get in.

So I get the call back on my commute home with the offer and potential start of Monday August 24th which will be only a notice to my current job of only 1 week. He told me that an email was sent to me and the offer letter will be put in the mail. Once I sign and fax or scan and email back and take the drug test I will be official.

I get to my store Jammon Technologies (Your one stop shop for all your computer needs...... Cheap plug). When I walk in I say hello to my cousin and everyone else that was in the store. Immediately my cousin says whats wrong with me why i'm in a good mood and basically dancing when I came in the store. I tell them of my acceptance and they say that I look like i'm in good spirits and I respond that I have had a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders.

Monday Morning is going to be fun when I can tell them that this coming Friday will be my LAST DAY in that HELL HOLE

Drops Mic and step back to bow.....

Friday, July 14, 2006

Decisions.... Decisions... Decisions

The Job hunt saga continues and takes a turn. Yesterday after noon at 2:15 I get a call from the Nextel Recruiter that leaves a message for me to call him back it’s of an urgent nature and that he needs to speak to me about availability. Not to get disgusting but I almost felt a tingle down below…. Could my dream of leaving this place be that much closer to a reality? I can’t call this guy until 2:45 when I have my scheduled break so you know this next ½ is going to kill me.

During the waiting game I get a phone call from the Cingular recruiter (about 5 minutes later) again I let it go to voicemail and check it later. He also calls and says of an important nature for me to call him back A.S.A.P. But I haven’t done any interviewing with Cingular as yet. All I know is they have my resume.

2:45 finally comes and I rush off the floor outside the building to make my calls. I call Nextel dude 1st and get his voicemail… DAMMIT. So I leave him a message to call me back b4 3pm or I’ll have to talk to him after 4 when I get out of the office.

I call the Cingular guy. Get him on the phone and he informs me that the position that I was actually looking for the Manager went within the office for the sales manager position but there are 3 other positions that he wants to know if I’m willing to go for and travel. They are about 1 hours drive from me each. But when he talked to me about pay and benefits I am actually considering it so I told him to go ahead and submit the resume.

So I go back to work its now 3:15 and Nextel recruiter calls again and leaves a message for me to call back.

4:05 on the road I call Nextel recruiter back and he tells me that Nextel is hungry and wants me to consider taking the position with them. The only catch is that the position offer had changed (availability). They are in desperate need for the Main Corporate office in Bedford, MA which is ALSO about 1 hr drive from my house. Now in talking to him he makes me realize 1 that it is a 1st step in with Nextel. 2. that I would have to go to this office for training anyway. And 3 I stay there for a couple months and if/when a position opens up closer to home I would be top choice for that position..

So that opened my eyes to Nextel and I am really thinking that I’m going to go for that and I talk to my Mother and Sister on the phone 3 way and they are behind me in my decision because they both know my passion for the Cellular Market and My Disgust with my current job.

So after I hear from Singular today I will make my decision but I do believe I will be going for the Nextel position.

Enough rambling…. I’m gone


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Traffic Terror on a Whoa is me Wednesday

What up family.

Well is Humpday Wednesday and i'm back for a 2nd consecutive day. (HOLDS UP APPLUASE SIGN).

So I get up and do my normal morning routine, sit on the side of my bed, sigh and convince myself to get up and get in the shower b4 i'm any later than i'm going to be. I gather my wits and get ready and out the door my normal time 10 minutes of 7 to be at my desk by 7:30 take about 15 min to get to work and have the extra time to see the coffee lady and get my usual medium hot coffee.

So I get on the highway and hit a dead wall of traffic BARELY moving so I change my xmradio on and switch to the local traffic channel (210 for those of you that have it) and I see JAM ALERT on the display and they say that all roadways are tied up from back lash of the ceiling falling in the Tunnel in Boston that pancaked a car and killed a woman passenger of the car, the driver survived and just made it out of the car with his life. (don't know if i'd want to life if I seen my newly married wife pancaked in my car) Now this happened 20 FRICKIN MILES NORTH OF ME give or take a few miles. so I flip back to the radio and get my cup of coffee to relax as its gonna be a LONG drive. I look over to my Left and I see this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and a Hennessey Truck right in front of it, and I notice my mouth watering. dont know if its from seeing the trucks or the anticpation of drinkin the coffee.

Needless to say I take out my phone, turn to camera mode and i'm too close to get both trucks in the picture so I take the pic above. and attempt to send to a few friends as a joke to amuse myself. I put in all the people I want to send to attach the picture type a lil blurb of fun. hit send...

10%.....30%.....70%...93%......93%......93%..... ERROR unable to send. so I resend it. same thing. dammit so I cancel it and do it again. this time I forgot to attach the picture and it went no problem. so now I start getting the calls and text msg back as to what is wrong with me or what am I talkin about so I have to explain which isn't as fun.

Needless to say I get to work at 7:50 20 minutes late for work. so it was not a happy day.

Still waiting to hear from Cingular and or Nextel.

Stay tuned

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well Well Well.... Look whos back

Hello my family. I know i've been slackin somthing fierce. Having a job that you hate will do that to you. I get up in the morning and sigh and have to force myself out of bed to get in the shower and go into that hell hole. But I think there is a light at the end of my tunnel.

I have updated my resume and have it on the monster board and have gotten quite a few emails and phone calls. some that I laughed at because they want me to do temp work for less than what i'm making and no benefits.

But I have two promising ventures that we shall wait and see what comes about. As for those of you who know me know that most of my work career has been in the Cellular field. The last job that I was in b4 this 5 yr temp job ( I say temp job as that what it was supposed to be while I was lookin for new work and got lazy and comfortable) was working in Downtown Boston for a Cellular Phone Master Agent. They worked with Cellular One (now Cingular) AT&T Wireless (know also Cingular) Nextel ( Now Sprint) Sprint (hasn't changed) and MCI WorldCom (chapter 11). So I got 2 Head Hunters that got hold of my resume and want to try and get me interviews for Asst Mgr postions. One with Sprint, and the Other with Cingular.

I had the Nextel phone interview last week and the Mgr said that if she had the power and say so she would have offered me the position right then and there, but has to go thru the proper channels and will get back to me.

The Cingular people have my resume per the 2nd head hunter and will be in contact to schedule and interview with them.

So i'm asking ya'll to pray for lil ole me as I embark on this new adventure and hopefully soon new career.

and I promise that I'll be back into the swing of things even if its at nite when I get home like i'm doing today